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Writers-in-Residence (WiR) Program

About the WiR Program

The TLB established the quarterly writers-in-residence program to promote creative writing and experimentation in the realms of Taiwanese literature and culture and to facilitate communications among authors, readers, and the cultural-creative sector. Through this program, authors from Taiwan and around the world are invited to live for several months on site to experience life in a Japanese-era dormitory at the heart of Taipei City and to host a series of activities designed to give readers of Taiwan literature a behind-the-scenes glimpse into creative writing.
A writers-in-residence-themed seminar is held at the end of each quarter, inviting current writers-in-residence to explore together the methods and traits of literary expression across various themes and giving authors and publishers a joint platform to explore issues such as cross-platform and intellectual property (IP) interpretation. These seminars help authors more directly observe the practices in the cultural-creative sector and thus more effectively experiment in cross-domain literary genres.
In 2020, reflecting the social focus on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the TLB adopted “Plague, Doom, Contagion”' as the theme for the writers-in-residence program, inviting authors of novels, essays, poetry, drama and film and television scripts, literary translation, non-fiction works, and other literature to stay at TLB and produce thematic literary creation projects. Information on writers-in-residence, their writing plans, regular activities, and other relevant news will be posted to this official website as available. You are warmly invited to join in these events.

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