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2023.06.28Taiwan Literature Base
Taiwan Literature Base

The Taiwan Literature Base (TLB) of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature held a call for applications for the Autumn 2023 Writers-in-Residence Program. A total of 42 applications were received online, and after evaluation by the jury, 8 were selected and 2 were accepted on the waiting list. TLB's Autumn 2023 Writer-in-Residence Program will commence in July 2023.

Application categories for autumn's residencies (choose one of the two):
I. Needs to be in line with the selection theme (this season's selection theme is "love")
II. Not related to the selected theme, but nearly-completed creative works

The results of the jury selection are as follows:
The following are the names of the selected resident writers and their residency plans (listed in accordance with the number of strokes of their Chinese character surnames):
1.Les Joynes,Love and Memory in Taipei
2.Joseph Sanders Pearson,Literary Non-Fiction Project: DEATH BY AZURE
3.Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, "Moon Tide Lullaby: Cell Stories" Creation and Publication Project
4.Ian Rowen,Translating Taiwanese Eco-literature
5.Chiou Charng-Ting, Love of Difficulty
6.JIOU,CYONG, "Cha-bó͘ chi", a collection of female erotic romance novels
7.Symin Chan, The Diaries Eaten By Termites, Have You Rewritten Them?
8.Albert Tam, Butterfly and Moth

* Two candidates are on the waiting list (if there are any vacancies, they will be filled in the order of selection).

Details of the agreed residency dates with each respective writer will be announced on the official website and Facebook fan page of TLB.

The list of judges for this year is as follows (listed in accordance with the number of strokes of their Chinese character surnames):
Nikky Lin, Kam Loon Woo, Yi-Hsum Chang, Chia-Hsien Yang, and Qing-Hong Zheng

The actual submissions can be picked up within 20 days after the announcement; those with return postage included will be sent back in order.

Contact address: Taiwan Literature Base (No. 27, Section 2, Jinan Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan)
Contact number: Ms. Chiang 02-2327-9657#24

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