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Anatomy of a Rumor: Taiwan's Urban Legend

Anatomy of a Rumor: Taiwan's Urban Legend


An urban legend is a kind of rumor that is believed by many but may not be a true story.

As a series of exhibitions of ghost literature at the National Museum of Taiwan Literary, this exhibition takes “urban legends” as its theme, focusing on scenes from the countryside to the rapidly-developing society, in order to explore people’s respect and fear of supernatural forces and the unknown as society changes rapidly due to technology and their empathy and care for the disadvantaged. All of which become the subjects of contemporary urban legends.

When urban legends become part of a creation, they are deconstructed and restructured and take on a new appearance. Through the creator’s carefully arranged plot, its legitimacy and excitement are multiplied and the transmission effectiveness and influence of the urban legend enhanced.

Therefore, the creation of urban legends passes on the knowledge of the times and, with literature as the base, links various vehicles of contemporary creation, bearing the mission of passing on culture.

 “Urban legends” are contemporary folklore stories, collective imagination that are a vehicle for group memory and continue to be passed on.


Location∣Taiwan Literature Base / Exhibition Hall

Opening Hours∣10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ( Closed on Mondays )

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